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| November 9-27, 2020. International Photo at UD |

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November 9-27, 2020

Gallery Director

In any way you look at it, this has been a very different kind of 9 months since the Covid-19 pandemic changed our lives. Students, staff and faculty who openly explored Italy and Cuba in January suddenly found themselves in the enviable position of being almost the last UD folks to study and explore the world outside the United States.

There were no international study trips during Summer or Fall 2020, a time that art, aviation and sports travel often occurs. During the traditional time of international exploration, well, I don't have to tell you what we did. You did it, too. Stayed home.

And yet, look at the places Spartans went (until the pandemic hit). There are 268 pictures in the current Bisignano Art Gallery. Come by the Gallery during November to see the show. It is truly impressive. And we proudly display the award winners here.

I am happy to acknowledge all the students who shared their photographs in this show. Many faculty and staff also participated in the show. Their smiling faces with students remind us how much we regret this current hiatus. We have continued to link this show with UD's International Education Week celebration and the various activities in Heritage planned by Phyllis Garfield, Director of International Student Services. We are appreciative of our students - Noah Bullock, Callie Feuss and Matt Stevens - who helped hang this complex show. Of course, many thanks to Stuart Larkin who generously gave the monetary awards to our students.

Come on by the Gallery (!2-5pm, Monday through Friday) or view the images and videos here. Meanwhile, save your resources and start planning when you will be able to dust off your passport. See you there.

Award Winners

International Photo at UD